At Casilio Leitch Investments we strive to integrate our clients goals and objectives with a prudently defined investment strategy that can be implemented to procure a successful financial future.  Our success is rooted in establishing a Wealth Management Plan (WMP) which provides the foundation to assess the probability of success in achieving a clients long-term financial goals.  Following the completion of the Wealth Management Plan an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is created to govern the execution of our portfolio management process. The Investment Policy Statement is a written document that clearly sets out a client’s return objectives and risk tolerance over the client’s relevant time horizon, along with applicable constraints such as liquidity needs, tax considerations, regulatory requirements, and unique circumstances. It is our belief that a properly developed Investment Policy Statement disciplines the portfolio management process and helps ensure against ad hoc revisions in strategy.

The Investment Policy Statement provides the foundation of the portfolio management process – Planning, Formulate Strategy, Execute, Monitor Progress.

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